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Edias Muromba
Edias was born 1973 in Murewa District in Mashonaland East.   He undertook his primary education at Chikuwa School before moving to Harare in 1986 to finish primary at Chaminuka Primary in the St Marys area in the district of Chitungwiza.   He met his uncle Moses Masaya who was already one of the First Generation Shona Artists.    He was amazed by this new development in his life.   He combined his strong rural background experience with the stone and saw himself being lured by the desire to enter into stone sculpture.  He finished his secondary level at Zengeza No 3 High in Chitungwiza in 1991.

He later committed himself to art and started working with Masaya. He graduated from him in 1994 and started developing his own sculptures with different styles and approach.

He is married with two kids. His inspiration comes from the history of the Shona dating back to the stone age.  How the great Zimbabwe was built. The architecture on this great monument indicates the Shona people have got a spiritual combination with the stone.  It is from this deep association with this kind nature that he derives his sculptures from.

Edias is a fulltime third generation contemporary shona sculpture artist.  His inspiration comes from a combination of various things that happens in his life; the dreams, the oral traditional tories, beliefs, the modern life, etc. 
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