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Kennedy Musekiwa
Kennedy Musekiwa was born on May 29, 1962 in the Marondera region of Zimbabwe. He is married to Sarah Musungate and has four children.  He was first inspired by toy making and began his work under the tutelage of his cousin Victor Mutongwoza. Later, Kennedy was influenced by first generation elder sculptor Joseph Ndandarika, a world acclaimed master sculptor.

At first, Kennedy worked on a small scale,but as years passed he dedicated himself full time to stone sculpture, working on exquisite small pieces of which he built a reputation. He expanded his creativity to sculpt breathtaking larger pieces. Carving figures inspired by his imagination, Kennedy creates traditional spirit themes. At other times he eloquently follows the natural shape of the rock from which he draws the form.

His works have been extensively exhibited for many years in Europe, South Africa, Botswana, Canada and in particular the United States. As the most successfully international acclaimed artist of the third generation of sculptors, Kennedy has recently founded a carving cooperative in which he tutors and encourages over twenty young artists every day. He is now considered a master sculptor and has been highly recognized by the National Gallery of Zimbabwe for both his personal and artistic contributions and his effort to promote young artists.

In addition to carving, Kennedy Musekiwa is a competent carpenter and welder. He fashions his own carving tools from metal. He uses chisels  made from discarded truck springs and hammers from scavenged auto engine parts. Kennedy prides himself on being both creative and resourceful. One of the new products he is bringing out is beautiful candles which symbolize human beings.

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