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Naplah E. Naplah
Naplah was born on December 8, 1955 from the Grand Kru Country in Liberia, West Africa.  He is a self taught artist who spent most of his time painting.  His interest in art goes back to age 7, when he first saw his cousin drawing pictures of super heroes.  At first Naplah would copy his cousin's drawings.  Than when he was old enough, he bought his own comic book and drew the pictures line for line.  Eventually Naplah became one of the best illustrators in his country and won first place in the Liberian Election Commission Art competition.

Following high school Naplah completed three years of schooling in the field of education and began offering workshops and lectures, in addition to demonstrating his technique in different elementary schools.  Naplah was also an illustrator for various magazines and text books for the National Catholic Secretariat of Liberia.  After a great deal of illustrations, Naplah transitioned his discipline to painting.  Since then, his drawings and paintings have been part of group exhibitions sponsored by the U.S. Information Services and other prestigious institutions.   He has exhibited his works in Liberia at the U.S. Embassy, the Lebanese Embassy and The Liberian Cultural Center.   He has also exhibited in Minnesota at the Broadway Community Center and the Lakeville Art Center.

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