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Nathan Kaerasora
Nathan Kaerasora was born Rudape, a village about 200km East of Harare, the capitol of Zimbabwe.  He was raised by his aunt, so his mother could make money for the family in the larger city.  Nathan grew up doing many of the normal activities of Shona children.   He herded goats and cows, worked the gardens,  hunted birds and learned to drum from the men in his village.  As the only colored (as opposed to pure Shona, Zimbabwean) child in the village Nathan experienced some degree of ridicule by his peers and harassment from the militia, during Zimbabwe's civil war in the early 80's. 

Perhaps out of loneliness but mainly out of talent, Nathan began to embrace the arts at a young age and today sculpts many beautiful pieces out of Black Serpentine, Opal Stone, Springstone and the rare and semi-precious Verdite.  Nathan founded Chimembiri, a township near Harare, the art of sculpture.  Nathan and his fellow artist running the center hope that youths will gain a sense of respect for themselves, their traditions and their cultures as they learn to turn rocks into art.  Nathan's pieces are shown in galleries in the USA, Belgium, Japan and Zimbabwe.
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