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Sandy Diogo
Sandy was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1967.  She is self taught and started painting and drawing at a young age.  She has been selling her works since 1994.  Each piece of artwork is created with detail to design and form by use of watercolors, acrylic and pastel.  The linework featured in all of her works is done with a fine watercolor brush, which create a feeling of movement.

Her work is influenced by the relaxed rural African life and the colors she uses depict the rich African skies, landscapes and beautiful earthy colored fabrics worn by African women. She also has a passion for design and it is also featured in many of her works.  The paper that she uses for all of her artwork is a combination of hand-made paper and watercolor paper.  The hand-made paper is mad in South Africa and Zimbabwe.  Some of the artwork contains intricate wire designs which she makes by hand and applies to the painting.

Sandy exhibits her work locally on a regular basis through various shows in Johannesburg and a gallery in Cape Town.  Her works are hanging in many private and corporate collections throughout the world including the United States, Russia, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, England, Kenya and Italy.
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