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Tendai Dodzo
Born in the Eastern Highlands town of Nyanga in 1963, he left school at an early age to pursue the art of sculpting with the blessing of his father, Edward Ndoro, who himself was a leading creative artist.  Edward tried to teach Tendai the art of creating abstracts but Tendai’s heart was always set on fine art (true to life) and continued along that line.

He can work with all types of stones and used to prefer verdite before the popular green verdite became difficult to find, but believes the fruit serpentine found in the area of Kwekwe can be just as attractive.   Tendai’s art has been collected and sent to many parts of the world and knows this is his best chance to support his family.

Tendai has modest ambitions which include building his own gallery to display his works and to own a small farm.  For now, he has an open workshop in the town of Norton and works with two assistants.  With a quiet but professional attitude toward his business, he moves through the problems in Zimbabwe with a determination that attracts admiration.  He married his wife, Anna, in 1984 and they have three boys and a girl.

Tendai has emerged over the last several years as one of the leading real life busts artists in Zimbabwe.
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