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Vincent Massudy
Vincent Massudy was born in 1940 in Samba, Kivu Province, Zaire.  An only child, he attended primary school for six years beginning in 1949 and secondary school for 3 years.  He was a born painter and started painting as early as nursery school when he would draw spuire pictures.  While in primary 4, he taught art in standard 1-6.

From 1958 to 1960, he took a course at the institute of Art, Kinshasa, then Leopoldville under Brother Mark.  Before joining the Institute he painted in water color and made pottery.  During the 1964 chaos, Massudy went into hiding and continued painting and selling his art to missionaries.  He married in 1961 and had four children, but one of his sons died.  For a short time he lived in Bunia, Zaire near the Ugandan border.  Since 1978 he has lived in Nairobi with his 21 year old son who is a budding artist there.

His ambition is to excel as an African artist.  He is a master with a pallet knife which he uses with ease and dictates to it like a well tamed pet.  His oils and water colors are dynamic and alive.  Although his approach is predominately realistic when he ventures into abstraction he excels.  His pencil and charcoal are delicate, precise and very interesting to look at.  Massudy has had many exhibitions at galleries in Kenya and Uganda.

Vincent died of a heart attack on April 6, 2007 in Kamapala, Uganda
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