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Ebony Crusifix
South Africa
11" to 16" tall
$60.00 to $75.00Candle Holder
South Africa
3 Sizes
$40, $60, $75Candle Holder
South Africa
3 Sizes
$40, $60, $75Candle Holder
South Africa
3 Sizes
$40, $60, $75
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Quazi Ear Ring Cards  $15.00ea  - SOLD OUT
Quazi Earring Cards are from a self-empowerment home industry project situated in Sidwashini, Swaziland. The project is uniquely aimed at helping Swazi women to make a living for themselves and their families using their self-taught practical skills and creative design ability to make earrings, necklaces and bracelets. This innovative concept is modeled on what these women have been making for centuries for their own tribal gatherings.

The designs are a fusion of ancient tribal techniques and modern styles and trends. The project is environmentally friendly as it recycles paper to produce most of its unique designs, although some of the designs are made from beads too. Each article is designed and then carefully hand-crafted from start to finish by the same woman. Whilst the designs all follow a similar concept, each individual design scheme is only produced once.

Each pair of earrings is attached to a card with space for your own personal inscription. There is a choice of eight different cards each featuring a unique picture of a Swazi lady. All eight designs were hand drawn to capture the unique faces of various African women in traditional tribal wear, then printed on the cards. These cards were designed exclusively for the attachment of the hand made earrings to the front of the card.

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4Quazi Ear Rings

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