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This Pottery Company started in 2002 after the owners, met talented ceramists who lacked a market to sell their work. Admittedly, they did not know how to help these artists translate their talent and perseverance into a commercial enterprise. With little capital and limited business experience, they and their team connected with the SAIBL program and received the help needed.

The company started with only three artists and borrowed equipment. Now the company employs 34 staff members (28 artists and 6 factory workers) all from local communities. The company has also moved to larger premises and now has its own equipment.

The owners and their team foster creativity within the company and often develop new shapes and products in consultation with the artists. As the Owners recall, “what started as a most rewarding hobby has now become a serious business.

They attribute their success to the high quality standards and the one-of-a-kind pieces they produce. No two pieces are identical and the artists sign each piece that they create.  In this way, buyers are not only purchasing a functional piece of ceramic, but a piece of high-end art as well.
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Elephant Bowl
$395Zebra Planter
$1100Zebra/Elephant Vase
$425Casserole Dish
$1500Zebra Handle Pitcher
SOLDDemi Tas Set - Flower
$295"Man With Beer Pot"
"Man Fixing Shoe"
"Woman With Pot"
Raku Figure
South Africa
SOLDSink Basin
Was $325
Now $195Sink Basin - Lizzard
SOLDSink Basin - Mosaic
Was $695
Now $395Basket Vase
$495Brochure Holder
$3253 Legged Casserole Dish -Birds
$695Casserole Dish - Birds
$695Cookie Jar - Giraffe
$450Creamer - Cheetahs
$125Creamer - Giraffe
$125Creamer - Zebras
$125Napkin Holder
$495Small Pitcher - Lion
$165Platter - Crocodile
$695Candle Holder - Elephants
$175Platter - Zebra
$385Sugar Bowl - Giraffe
$150Teapot - Bird
$350Teapot - Frog
$595Teapot - Lizzard
SOLDTeapot - Zebra
$395Tray - Elephants
$975Vase - Showstopper Vase
$2500Trinket Box - Birds
SOLDTrinket Box - Giraffes
$165Trinket Box - Zebras
$165Trinket Box - Zebras - 2
SOLDSOLDCasserole Dish - Zebras
SOLDSOLDGuinea Fowl Bowl
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